Lucky Bamboo or How to Feng Shui your home!

Feng Shui – we have all heard about it and in more or less way, have used it (or tried to use it) in our home. This philosophy is over 3000 years old and teaches how environment can influence happiness, the relationship between men and living- & work
Lucky_Bambooenvironment and focusses on harmony between natural and created forms. After all, everything that human creates is not natural but by using natural influences harmony can be created.

One of the most easy practices to bring Feng Shui into your home or office is the usage of plants. As I’ve recently redecorated my complete home office I decided to use a touch of Feng Shui in this new environment as well and have added three Lucky Bamboo stalks.

Now, apart from looking stylish and zen, Lucky Bamboo is also one of the most recognizable and popular Feng Shui cures. Lucky Bamboo is an easy care plant, which can easily survive in any kind of light. According to the Feng Shui principle, the Lucky Bamboo attracts auspicious Chi energy. Since it’s quite a strong plant as well, it can really energize your home.

Lucky Bamboo luck is based on the number of stalks bunched together. It can vary from 2 stalks up to at least 21 stalks:

Two Lucky Bamboo Stalks:
This is meant as an expression of love. It’s also said to double your luck.

Three Lucky Bamboo Stalks:
By far one of the most popular number combinations as it supposed to bring three kinds of luck:

  • Happiness (Fu)
  • Long Life (Soh)
  • Wealth (Lu)

Four Lucky Bamboo Stalks:
Never- and then I seriously mean never-ever – use 4 stalks. In Feng Shui teachings you will never find any relation to the number four. See, in Mandarin, the word used for four sounds very similar to the word for death. It is believed to draw Sha (negative) energy and is therefore an absolute no-go. No – you are not even allowed to send four stalks to your arch-enemy! And honestly, why waste such a beautiful little plant on a death wish?

Five Lucky Bamboo Stalks:
With five stalks you will have one stalk for every area of your life that can bring wealth. Apart from that, five-stalk-plants overall attract health, which is what the five areas in your life need to benefit from:

  • Emotional
  • Intuitive
  • Mental
  • Physical
  • Spiritual

Six Lucky Bamboo Stalks:
Again – the amount is six is related to the Chinese language. The word six sounds an awful lot like luck. Six stalks of Lucky Bamboo attract prosperity and advantages to achieve greater wealth.

Seven Lucky Bamboo Stalks:
Meant for good health (great gift when your best friend is fighting that flu for 4 weeks running)

Lucky Bamboo 8 Stalks

Eight Lucky Bamboo Stalks:
And we are back at Mandarin again with this amount. Eight sounds like the word used for growth or thrive. Meanwhile- it also improves fertility. So – do you have any customers who have just moved to a new (bigger) location or your sister and her husband are trying to get pregnant? Eight Lucky Bamboo stalks are absolutely the best gift for you to give.




Nine Lucky Bamboo Stalks:
Symbol for luck and bestows great luck on whoever receives a nine stalk plant.

Ten Lucky Bamboo Stalks:
Are you on the receiving end of a ten stalk arrangement, then rest assured that you are wished to feel complete and complacent. The sender wishes you to have everything in life just as you envision and desire.

Twenty-One Lucky Bamboo Stalks:
Consider this the motherlode of Lucky Bamboo arrangements. Twenty-One stalks represent a very powerful overall blessing for great wealth and enduring health.

So – all in all this plant is a nifty little bugger which symbolizes growth, health, wealth and so on. Mind you, for the best Feng Shui effect you place this arrangement in the East of your office or living room. Do not use it in the bedroom as you want to keep that area as calm and peaceful as possible and this plant is simply radiating too much energy. In fact, don’t use any plants at all in the bedroom – but I will come back to that in a different blog.

You can easily put it in soil or in water, depending on what you prefer. I like my stalks open and free so I’ve used a nice vase. Refresh the water every week. If you have to use tap water, let that rest in an open box for 24 hours so chlorids and such can vaporize. Lucky Bamboo does not appreciate the stuff we use to make our water drinkable for us, nor will it survive long in that case.

If I now have you totally inspired and you are wondering: WHERE CAN I BUY THIS? It’s easy – Ikea usually has them in the assortment, at really nice budget prices as well. Just make sure the stalk has a nice green color and does not emit any strange odor and you’re good to go! By the way – the official name for this little superman is Dracaena Sanderiana – should you be interested.


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