Plants in your bedroom: Do or Don’t?

My bedroom is basically my sanctuary. I try to keep it as calm as possiblPlants in the Bedroom example 2e and for a good period of time I was thinking of adding plants in the bedroom. In my opinion it would look nice, bring a bit more color and in a logic mind, plants in the bedroom actually sounds like a very healthy plan. A nice plant would definitely provide in a healthier environment.

So – I was quite surprised to learn that plants in the bedroom are actually a big fat no-go. Since I always check Feng Shui learnings when I do any re-decorating, of course this was the number one thing to check. And honestly, Feng Shui does not say completely no to keeping plants in the bedroom but it does frown upon and actually for quite logic reasons:

  • Plants grow. They are active.
  • Plants (in Feng Shui the element of Wood) bring positivity and creativity which is of course great energy. But do you need that energy in the bedroom?
  • When you have things growing while you are sleeping, you are contradicting your calm.

Then there’s also the completely simple science fact to the matter: Plants. Release. Carbon. Dioxide. And even more at night. Oxygen is only released after photosynthesis, photosynthesis only takes place when there is (natural) light and where is the sun when you are sleeping? Exactly, on the other side of the planet.

But then, how do I use Feng Shui in my bedroom?

By all means- if you already keep plants in your bedroom and they make you feel calm and serene, I’m not going to be the one who is telling you to remove it. After all, you have to do whatever makes you most happy. However, if you wish to Feng Shui your bedroom, I would suggest the following tips (and I have to admit, due to space limitations I cannot keep all of them myself as well…):

  • Remove all electrical devices from your bedroom. No TV, no radio, no computer and no exercises equipment. I do keep my cellphone in the bedroom as it is my alarm clock but it’s mostly on flight mode when I am sleeping.
  • Open the window as frequently as possible as you need to keep your room fresh and full of oxygen. I even sleep with the window open and would prefer to put on a t-shirt rather than closing the window because I am cold. Gives me a headache, sleeping with the window closed.
  • Have your bed easily approachable from both sides and have two bedside tables (one on each side) as this represents balance.
  • Avoid having the bed directly in line with the door. According to Feng Shui learnings this represents a coffin that is always taken away feet-first. Also – if you have your bed in line with the door (or even a cupboard or anything) it can block the direct flow of energy coming through the door into your bedroom. However, do place your bed in a fashion where you can directly see the door and, if possible, the entire room. This is called the power position.
  • Clear the clutter. Clean up. Don’t leave clothes lying around. Or big stacks of books (that is my biggest mistake, always. I have books on top of books piled up next to my bed). Yes, this also means underneath your bed…
  • Decorate with relaxing colors. In my case I keep my bedroom mostly white: white bedsheets, white cabinet. To have a little bit of color I’ve added a soft-pink to one of the walls and have decorated it with two (only two!) small soft-pink vases. (Pink, by the way, represents romance and partnership in Feng Shui but this I only discovered after I chose that color for my bedroom ;-)).

As mentioned before, if you already have plants in your bedroom and it makes you feel happy, then please do not consider this post as any argument against it. But I am convinced that, with a little more insights in how to arrange your bedroom according to Feng Shui, you too will be able to create this calm, serene environment for you to find your rest.

Plants in the bedroom example

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