Headperson vs Heartperson – Duality in ourselves

The universe has everything set up in duals. Have you ever noticed? There’s day and night, low tide and high tide, sun and moon, man and woman, yin and yang. Duality is how the universe works and for each part there will always be a counter-part, or a mirror. And this mirror is always the exact opposite. For example, day is warm and light, night is cold and dark. In that regard I also believe that there are only two kinds of people: head people and heart people.

These kind of people are usually complete opposites. They litterally tick different but they do need each other to create a balance, in whichever way possible. People are programmed the same way. I believe, you are either a heartperson or a headperson and I believe you need to be a bit of both! Today I want to go more in-depth into what I believe are head people and what are heart people and, most importantly, how we can bring the balance in ourselves.

You see, everyone has a bit of head and a bit of heart inside of himself. It is your job to find the balance between the both, to accept the duality inside of you and learn how to be 50% heart and 50% head. It’s not one or the other. We either start out by being in our head and move during our life towards our heart of vice versa: we start out in our heart and learn how to move to our head.


You know what the most funny thing about the above list is? In todays society, we appear all to value the characteristics from a heartperson. They sound, I have no other word for it, cool. However, being a heartperson, I can guarantee you that it’s not always very nice. Because being passionate about something also results in pushing other people who do not share that same passion. And being impulsive also means finding yourself in Brazil for 48 hours only to get your phone stolen. Being a heartperson makes you very involved, to an extend that it hurts yourself and you allow yourself to get hurt too fast and too soon.

A head person, on the other hand, will never ever find himself in Brazil for only 48 hours (that is an acutal thing that actually happened to me about 3 years ago). They will always be able to get along with other people because they know how to advocate and move people (as opposed to being so passionate that you get angry when others don’t cooperate as fast as you want them to). A headperson is very aware of what can bring him down and will never, and here I really mean never ever, stay in a situation in which he knows that it will break him eventually. A heartperson, on the opposite, is so impulsive, and maybe even a bit child-like, that they jump into every situation, regardless of any outcome. They just go, do and usually end up getting hurt because they were too fast.

Let me give you an example; say that you are in a long-distance relationship and the time has come for you that you are ready to move in together and take that next step.
The heartperson will say: “Let me pack by bags, sell my house, load up my dog. I’m there in a few days
The headperson will say: “Yeah,. I need to consider my job and I cannot sell my house just as easily.”

I KNOW that you are condemning the headperson right now because he sounds incredibly dull and boring. Only he isn’t. He just ticks in a completely different way. The heartperson would easily give up everything and embark into a new adventure, maybe only to end up with nothing and then think: why didnt I think this through

A perfectly balanced person would say: “I want to take this new step, its exciting and I love you to pieces. Give me some time to figure out how to manage it with my house and my dog and let’s work together to make this happen.”

A totally balanced person would THINK without forgetting the PASSION that he or she feels inside of him.

If the world would be ruled by heartpersons, we would all be very cuddly, make impulsive choices and ruin our banks withing days. If the world would be ruled by headpersons we would all be filthy rich but have no one to share it with. No, we need both. We need our hearts to feel and love and laugh. And we need our head to reason, to think, to question.

I envy headpersons. One of my friends is a headperson who mastered the art of being in his heart. He’s incredibly caring and loving but he’s also very down-to-earth, straightforward and goal oriented. He knows exactly what he wants. Sometimes he and I can talk on a level that is understandble for me as a heartperson. And sometimes I catch him looking at me and I can almost hear him thinking: God, you are such an emotional thing! In these moments we always drift miles apart, only to find back together again whenever he’s balanced again. Or whenever I am more balanced towards my head again.

Its good to look at these two archetypes of people. We need to find the balance in ourselves. To love unconditionally but not losing yourself. To consider the dangers of an occasion but not forget that danger is also sometimes fun and helps us grow. Heartpersons need to learn how to be more in their head. Headpersons need to learn how to be more in their heart.

Where are you standing? Do you recognize yourself? Are you a heartperson or a headperson?

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