Tap Tap and Away is that Negative Emotion

The title of this post already suggests it: am I really claiming that with two taps you can get rid of that negative emotion that you are feeling? Could it really be so easy? Well.. unfortunately not. But I do want to share with you a technique that can help you overcome negative emotions. I am talking about the Emotional Freedom Technique, or EFT. This technique helps you remove negative thoughts or affirm positive thoughts while tapping certain energy points (similar to acupuncture points) in your body.

I have been taught this technique last year by a friend. At first I did not think much of it but I have to admit, after one year I do start to see the benefits. The key is ofcourse to keep it up and really therapeutically follow up on the treatment. I try to do it at least once a week.

It works very simple. You sit yourself down in a quiet place and you let your thoughts pass you by. At some point a certain thought pops up on which you wish to work. You focus on that thought and you repeat it (out loud, if possible) to yourself while tapping the following points in this order:

  1. Between your eyebrows
  2. Side of your eye
  3. Below your eye
  4. Under your nose
  5. Your chin
  6. Your collarbone
  7. Underarm
  8. Side of your thumb
  9. Top of your index finger
  10. Top of your ring finger
  11. Top of your little finger
  12. Hook of your knee

Tapping Points Body

With each new point that you tap, you repeat out loud the negative thought that you wish to release. If in the middle of your session, a new negative thought pops up, you release the old thought and focus on the new thought. The meaning behind that is that the thoughts and emotions on the surface always have a deeper meaning. As soon as you start thinking about this surface thought, you will automatically dive deeper and deeper into it. The goal is ofcourse not to release only the fears that you keep on the surface, but dive deeper, also helping you to release fears and negative experiences from your past. You will not believe how often our negative experiences are being fed on something that we thought was well behind us. It can always haunt us.

Each point has its own reference to a certain emotion in your body. For example, when I first started out my underarm point was extremely painful, even a little tap would already be sore and feel like I was in muscle pain. After checking, this point represents sadness. That was quite shocking because at that stage of my life I was indeed quite sad and had no clue that my body could actually represent this as well.

Normally I use this technique to let go of any negative emotions and thoughts. However, it can also be used the other way around; as a technique to improve your positive affirmations. By repeating the above sequence in this order but instead focussing on a positive thought, you should be able to re-wire your brain and receive the positive strenght. Personally, I am a believer of letting go of the emotional baggage first. I think it makes no sense to load yourself up with positive emotions and thoughts if you haven’t let go of the negative at first. Experience has thought me so much. But, if you feel that your negative thoughts are not so much and you can use the positive boost; by all means try this method!

My teacher is Petra Dohner. She works from Wertheim, Germany and is unfortunately only available in German. However,  if this is not a problem for you, feel free to reach her for more info or maybe a seminar via her website

For any other questions, feel free to contact me!

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