The Hidden Feng Shui Power in your Book Case

Tell me honestly – have you ever paid attention to your bookcase? For years, I didn’t. IThe Power of the Book Case used to have a bookshelve in literally every house that I’ve lived in and they’ve always been filled with my ever growing collection. I was also one of those people who could never throw out any books. Did I ever think about Feng Shui in combination with my book case? Nope – never. Not once.

Until recently.

You see, I had to re-do my home office and became very annoyed with the vast amount of information that I had lingering around. The books were not sorted nice, they were stacked on top of each other, cramped into the two book cases that I had. So when I was forced to clean up and re-order the whole cabinet, I decided to try and take the Feng Shui approach.

Turns out – bookcases are the ultimate stars of Feng Shui as books represent wisdom, imagination and inspiration. Ofcourse, it has everything to do with where you place your bookcase and how you arrange it afterwards but please find here a few helpful tips:

  • Place the bookshelf or case in the north-eastern corner of your home as this the best area for Feng Shui
  • Clean up the books. Make the decison with each book wheter or not you should keep it. Ask yourself the following questions:
    • Have you read it last year?
    • Will you read it again somewhere in the next six months?
  • Add a sparke into the bookcase. I added vases, some photo’s of relatives, basically anything that glitters which will give more power as it will radiate the energy that you keep in your home.
  • Create a shelf per topic. As for me, this means that I have two shelves for my business books, a few that hold my children’s book collection and so on
  • Most importantly; keep it calm and serene, especially when you have an open bookcase. As soon as it starts annoying you from the corner of your eye, you better re-arrange the contents

How important are books for you? Do you keep them stacked in boxes or also presented in a nice way?

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