Budda once said:

Happiness never decreases by being shared.

So I figured – let’s go out and start sharing my happiness. The thingsDimphh_Happiness_Never_Decreases_by_Being_Shared that make me tick. The things that make me smile in the morning when I wake up and make me drift away in the evening. I’m not your regular shiny-happy-joy person. But I am the kind of person who get’s excited when she sees a puppy, who jumps up and down (literally) when she gets to do something that she loves, someone who is very passionate about what she is doing. And maybe, just maybe, someone somewhere will be able to find their own little piece of happiness just because of my words. My experiences. My thoughts.

Wouldn’t that be the most awesome thing in the world?

Would like to get in contact with me? Try any of the socials listed. Otherwise feel free to send me an email: happiness@dimphh.com



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